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About PrimusPT Fairfax

Dr. Kayla Robison founded PrimusPT Fairfax in 2019. She prides herself on providing exceptional skilled manual therapy to all of her patients. In early 2021, Dr. Ciara Puderbaugh joined the team in which to incorporate her knowledge of exercise prescription and biomechanics to an already dynamic system. PrimusPT Fairfax strives to provide top level orthopedic and sports medicine rehabilitative services.

Image by Jesper Aggergaard

Our Approach

Here at PrimusPT Fairfax we dedicate ourselves to setting you on the right path to the strong and healthy life you deserve! We want to gain your trust so that we are able to provide you with quality care that is specific to you. We strive to be as transparent and honest as possible. We want to promote healing and recovery in a compassionate environment with exceptional patient care that leads you to your full movement potential.

Philosophy of Recovery

We believe the body is meant to move and we look forward to enabling you to return to your previous level of participation through an implementation of...

- an appropriate PT diagnosis

- manual interventions

- guided exercise

to enable you to return to all of your endeavors!

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Not sure PrimusPT Fairfax can help you?

Call us today to schedule a FREE 30 minute Telehealth or in-person appointment.

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