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Physical Therapy

Whether you are recovering from an athletic injury, recently had surgery, have been in an accident that has limited your mobility, or are looking to reduce pain, our therapists are ready to help. Physical therapists are experts in body alignment and treating dysfunctional movement patterns related to pain or injury. Through evidence based treatments, you’ll gain the mobility, strength, and confidence to get back to the activities you love! Your entire experience matters to us. From your initial evaluation to your last visit, we will guide you through your path to wellness.

Why PT is Preventative Medicine

There is no need to wait for an injury to take place. A musculoskeletal specialist (PT) will look for any kinetic chain or biomechanical faults in order to enable you to demonstrate a proper gait, sitting/standing posture for work, running, lifting, etc. before a repetitive microtrauma injury ensues.

Why is Physical Therapy Important After Injury?

Recovery does not happen on its own and we understand the frustration and stress that comes from being injured. After any injury or trauma, it is imperative to begin rehabilitation, without it, successful recovery is compromised. Persistent training on injured tissues can put you at risk of re-injury. Our therapists will help you create a recovery plan that is based on your condition and goals. Restoring your body takes time and work, we are committed to helping you.

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