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Shoulder Pain

Daily life can start to get difficult when you are suffering from shoulder pain.Our shoulders carry the responsibility of turning our arms and hands anyway we need them to.


Shoulder pain is categorized in two main sectors: sudden pain and injuries brought on by overuse. Just like our other ball and socket joints, we have the tendency to overuse our shoulders which in turn, significantly increases the chance of injury. Pain in the shoulder can range from a short-term discomfort to an excruciating pain caused by friction. Regardless of where your pain falls on this spectrum it can be debilitating. We can help you address, aid, and prevent further injuries to your shoulder.

Possible Reasons for Shoulder Pain:

  • Dislocation

  • Spain/ Strain

  • Tendinitis/ Tendinopathy

  • Arthritis 

  • Bursitis 

  • Rotator Cuff Tear

  • Instability 

  • Labral Tear

  • Impingement 

  • Frozen Shoulder 

Contact us today to work with one of our physical therapists at PrimusPT Fairfax to get down to the root reason for your shoulder pain! 

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